5 Facts About Gluten Free Alcohol

A few years ago, people with gluten insensitivities couldn’t enjoy alcohol, particularly beer, since it is made with wheat and barley. Things have changed and now, that insensitivity won’t stop you from throwing back a cold one whenever you want a great taste and relaxation. Read below to learn five important facts about gluten free alcohol and decide if it is right for your needs!

1- Type of Beer

gluten free alcohol

You have options when purchasing your specialty beer. There are three types to pick from. This is reduced, gluten free and dedicated gluten free. People who are intolerant should stick to the dedicated version since the other two options can be made in facilities that use wheat and barley.

2- Beer Brands

Along with the different types of beer, there are also many brands to choose from. Each brings its own appealing flavor to the mix. You shouldn’t purchase a beer blindly, but instead ask for recommendations, read reviews, etc. Of course trial and error works too, if you prefer.

3- International Beers

When choosing your beer, be sure that you look for a product that is made in the U.S.A. Beer that is made in international countries may not be as gluten free as you’d like since standards vary from one country to another. There are tons of awesome US-made products for a versatile selection.

4- Ingredients

Cereal ingredients are used in the beer-making process for those labeled gluten free. This includes buckwheat, rice, and sorghum. You can read the label of the particular beer that interests you to learn the exact ingredients that are inside.

5- Home Brewing

Numerous home brewing kits are available for people that wish to make their own beer. Some people prefer this since they are in control of the entire creation process. Carefully choose a home brewing kit if you decide to make your own beer at home. Each has their own pros and cons to consider before your investment.

We hope this information provided the details necessary to purchase a gluten free beer with complete confidence. This great-tasting beer is sold at supermarkets, online, and many other locations. Why miss out on all of the fun when there is no reason?