Useful Notes On The Duratrans Photographic And Printing Techniques


Those marketers and advertising personnel who are strategizing to produce dramatically visual prints for outdoor display can take note of this refresher so long. A friendly warning, however, is given to potential purchasers of the photographic and printing techniques used. It remains expensive to utilize the duratrans processes. But on the plus side, it does require the skills of consummate graphic designers and photographers to make best use of the technical processes involved.

Other useful notes for potential customers to consider are that turnaround times have improved, but backlight use remains restricted. But the appropriate advantages include continued and greater visibility, durability and the ability to expropriate other technologies such as lighting and television and merge it effectively with duratrans. Specialized printers are required to produce the highly visible imagery.

Since the technique’s inception in the closing year of the seventies, processing work has advanced. So much so that today even less time is required to produce the finished articles. It takes no more than four days for graphic design processors to complete the processing of their prints. But the most advanced printers in use today allow for turnaround times of no less than a day. One challenge, however, remains for processors and their clients.

Backlit display prints continue to be hampered in the use of backlights. The result is that in cases pictures appear to be distorted. Nevertheless, the reproduction of larger than average prints and its resultant crispness remain a best practice for public display advertising. Megastores continue to take advantage of large scale prints by blending these in with illuminated signs located strategically in store space.

Bigger and brighter illumination has also become a sustainable development if you will. A minimum of light bulbs only need to be used and these result in lower energy costs. Backlit displays, in spite of its technical deficiencies, also help reduce costs while still creating greater visibility for target markets. Such displays also go way beyond just marketing and advertising. They are proficient in its ability to contribute towards greater safety and security awareness among the public in many public spaces, particularly road traffic byways.

For those exploring the use of this printing technology, only the tip of the iceberg was reached. More extensive information is, of course, always available online to inform commercial consumers on how to put the works in motion.